The Haussler-Salama lab of the Genomics Institute at UC Santa Cruz is playing a leading role in the emerging field of “precision” medicine that holds great promise.


Training tomorrow’s genomics researchers

Scholarships: Allow promising undergraduates with financial constraints to accept research internships.

Fellowships: Provide support for top graduate students and postdoctoral scholars as they pursue their education and research.

Enhance leadership

Chairs: Attract, honor, and retain faculty by providing flexible resources for our best and brightest talents.

Support world-class genomics facilities

Infrastructure: Ensure we have state-of-the-art facilities and tools to pursue this work.

How You Can Help

Your support will transform lives and our institute. Private support leverages public investment in our work, making it possible to pursue new lines of inquiry and attract top students and faculty to our program. Our campus culture of inclusion and diversity amplifies the impact of your support as we nurture young scientists to become the next leaders in the field.

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