Jason Fernandes (831) 459-1014
Postdoctoral Scholar, Investigating the regulation of transposable elements by primate-specific transcription factors

Current Doctoral Students

2019-                Alex Bagi

2019-                Lucas Senenge

2017-                Gary Mantalas, Functional analysis of NOTCH2NL genes and development of better cerebral cortex organoid models.

2017-                Colleen Bosworth, Development of long read sequence generation and analysis protocols to understand the role of complex
genomic regions in neurodevelopment and associated disorders

2017-                Rojin Safavi

2017-                Marina Haukness, Differential alternative splicing and gene expression in the RAS/MAPK pathway

2017-                Andrew Bailey

2017-                Md Kishwar Shafin

2017-                Yohei Rosen

2017-                Lauren Sanders,  Batch Effect Removal in Pediatric Brain Tumor Datasets

2017-                Trevor Pesout

2016-                Jacob Pfeil, Identifying Activated Druggable Genes in Childhood Cancer Patients

2015-                Jordan Eizenga, Genome inference using genome graph reference structures

2015-                John Vivian, Large Scale Cancer Genome Analysis

2015-                Charles Markello, Improving Sequence Alignment and Variant Calling through the Process of Population and Pedigree-based Graph Alignment

2013-                Joel Armstrong

Wet Lab Research Staff

Wet lab phone (831) 459-1014

Sofie Salama
Research Scientist in Biomolecular Engineering and Wet Lab Director
Functional analysis of recently evolved human genome sequences in early and cerebral cortex development using pluripotent stem cell models.

Kristof Tigyi
Lab Manager

Undergraduate Researchers

2017-                Mason Hargrave

Master Researchers
2017-                Ryan Lorig-Roach