Wet Lab Research Staff – Wet lab phone: (831) 459-1014

Sofie Salama
Research Scientist in Biomolecular Engineering and Wet Lab Director
Functional analysis of recently evolved human genome sequences in early and cerebral cortex development using pluripotent stem cell models.

Kristof Tigyi, Lab Manager

Siddhi Umesh Bhandarkar, Assistant Specialist

Jason FernandesAssistant Project Scientist

Shane Gillis, Research Associate

Natalie Filippi, Research Associate

Paola Angulo,  Junior Specialist

Yvonne Vasquez, Technical Project Management Assistant


2019                 Yatish G Turakhia


Current Doctoral Students

2020                Spencer Seiler
2020                Quinn Brail
2019                Alex Bagi
2019                Lucas Seninge Single-cell transcriptomics data analysis: Clustering, data visualization, inference of dynamic processes in scRNA-seq data.
2017                Ryan Hoffman
2017                Gary Mantalas Functional analysis of NOTCH2NL genes and development of better cerebral cortex organoid models
2017               Colleen Bosworth Development of long read sequence generation and analysis protocols to understand the role of complex genomic regions in neurodevelopment and associated disorders
2017                Yohei Rosen Rapid prototyping of tissue scaffolds, vascularized tissue engineering
2017                Lauren Sanders Batch Effect Removal in Pediatric Brain Tumor Datasets
2016                Jacob Pfeil Identifying Activated Druggable Genes in Childhood Cancer Patients
2015                Jordan Eizenga Genome inference using genome graph reference structures
2015                Charles Markello Improving Sequence Alignment and Variant Calling through the Process of Population and Pedigree-based Graph Alignment


Master Researchers


Undergraduate Researchers

2019                Dylan Baer Neural associated tRNAs and their non-translational roles in development and neurological disorders
2019                Jennifer Yang
2019                Kivilcim Doganyigit
2019               Liam Tran
2019               Oona Risse-Adams
2019               Sruthi Shriram 3D printing high resolution biocompatible hydrogel scaffolds to support cerebral organoid and endothelial cell growth
2019               Stephen Hwang
2019               Gifti Gemeda Using a Notch-receptor assay to understand the ability of specific NOTCH2NL alleles to activate Notch signaling
2018               Alex Hoefler
2018                Taylor Real