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Publications through 2001

Haussler’s current research stems from his early work in machine learning, statistical decision theory, pattern recognition, neural networks, algorithms, and complexity.

Unpublished or Non-Refereed

Haussler, D. The challenge of bioinformatics. R&D Magazine. 2001 Nov;43(11):8S-SC3 (in conjunction with Scientist of the Year Award).

Featured scientist interview. Incyte’s “Inside Genomics” series, 2001 Oct.

Lazareva-Ulitsky B, Rahmann S, Haussler D. Towards an accurate EST consensus. 1999.

Haussler D. Convolution kernels on discrete structures. UCSC-CRL-99-10, July 8, 1999.
Note: On July 13, 1999, I received a Technical Report from Chris Watkins (Technical Report CSD-TR-98-11 from Royal Holloway, University of London, 15 January 1999) that contains independent and prior work that is closely related to and extends the results in section 4.4 on regular string kernels, and some other sections of my technical report.

Haussler D. Computational genefinding.1998. A short version of this paper appeared in Trends in Biochemical Sciences, Supplementary Guide to Bioinformatics. 1998;12-15.

Haussler D, Jaakkola T, Winters-Hilt S. Tradeoffs between generative and discriminative hidden Markov models. Computer Science Department, UC Santa Cruz. 1998.

Journal Articles and Book Chapters

Note: see the Genome Bioinformatics Group publications page for more recent publications.

Kent WJ, Haussler D. Assembly of the working draft of the human genome with GigAssembler. Genome Research. 2001 Sept;11(9):1541-8.

Vercoutere W, Winters-Hilt S, Olsen H, Deamer D, Haussler D, Akeson M. Rapid discrimination among individual DNA hairpin molecules at single nucleotide resolution using an ion channel. Nat Biotechnol. 2001 Mar;19(3):248-52.

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BAC Resource Consortium. Integration of cytogenetic landmarks into the draft sequence of the human genome. Nature. 2001;409(6822):953-8.

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Haussler D, Opper M. Mutual information, metric entropy, and risk in estimation of probability distributions. Tech. rep. UCSC-CRL-96-27. 1996. (Long version of previous paper.)

Reese MG, Eeckman FH, Kulp D, Haussler D. Improved splice site detection in Genie. [Abstract] Journal of Computational Biology. 1997 Fall;4(3):311-23.

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Haussler D. A general minimax result for relative entropy. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory., 1997 July; 43(4):1276-80. Also tech. rep. UCSC-CRL-96-26. [PDF]

Cesa-Bianchi N, Freund Y, Haussler D, Helmbold D, Schapire R, Warmuth M. How to use expert advice. J. ACM. 1997;44(3):427-85. Based on University of California, Santa Cruz technical report UCSC-CRL-95-19.

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Haussler D. Probably approximately correct (PAC) learning and decision-theoretic generalizations. In Smolensky P, Mozer MC, Rumelhart DE (eds): Mathematical Perspectives on Neural Networks, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Mahwah, NJ, 1996:651-706. [Manuscript PDF] (Note: This chapter contains reprinted material from the next reference down.)

Haussler D. Decision theoretic generalizations of the PAC model for neural net and other learning applications. Information and Computation. 1992 Sept;100(1):78-150.

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Conference Papers

Pavlidis P, Furey T, Liberto M, Haussler D, Grundy WN. Promoter region-based classification of genes. Proceedings of the Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing. Hawaii, Jan 3-7, 2001:151-63.

Kent WJ, Kulp D, Wheeler R, Reese M, Zahler A, Haussler D. Alternative splicing of human genes. Genome Sequencing and Biology. Cold Spring Harbor, May 2000.

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Jaakkola T, Diekhans M, Haussler D. Using the Fisher kernel method to detect remote protein homologies [PowerPoint]. Proceedings Seventh International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology. AAAI Press. 1999;149-58. (Winner of best paper award)

Lazareva-Ulitsky B, Haussler D. A probabilistic approach to consensus multiple alignment. Proceedings of the Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing. World Scientific Press., 1999;150-61.

Jaakkola TS, Haussler D. Probabilistic kernel regression models. Proceedings of the 1999 Conference on AI and Statistics.

Jaakkola TS, Haussler D. Exploiting generative models in discriminative classifiers. Proceedings of the Tenth Conference on Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, published in early 1999. Conference was held in Denver in Dec 1998.

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Haussler D. Quantifying the inductive bias in concept learning. AAAI-86 Proceedings.